FAQs on ComicHub

What is ComicHub?

ComicHub is an integrated platform for comic book retailers, publishers, creators, and fans offering point-of-sale (POS) software, publisher sell-through insights, a mobile app and website for customers to browse and pre-order comics, and a web portal for retailers to manage their store. ComicHub streamlines the comic book retail experience for all partners.

What features does ComicHub offer?

1. Pull List Management: Fans can create and manage their pull lists, ensuring they never miss an issue of their favorite comic series. They also receive notifications when new issues are released and can pay of items in store through their online tools.
2. Retailer: Seamless integration of all comic distributors data into the POS. ComicHub integrates all new data ensuring retailers can focus on running their store, not massaging files from multiple sources.
3. Publisher: Connect directly with fans and access live sell through data reports.

How much does ComicHub cost?

1. Comic Fans: Free for fans connected to a Comic Store running ComicHub POS.
2. Retailer: For new stores and stores turning over less than 10k per month, ComicHub POS is less than $25 a week. Regular pricing is $150 per month with options.
3. Publisher: Stop paying for “Likes”. Pay per order for as little as 2%.

How do I sign up for ComicHub?

1. Comic Fans: If your LCS has ComicHub POS, ask them to create an account for you.
2. Retailer: Register at retailer.comichub.com
3. Publisher : Register at publisher.comichub.com