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Punk Taco Hardcover Volume 1 New Friends

2019 Ringo Award winner for 'Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel' and the 2019 Kids Comics Award winner for 'Best Sci-Fi or Fantasy Book.' Punk Taco is about a lovable, sentient, space-taco that rocks out with his band across the universe, spreading peace and love through their music, while battling evil and protecting those in need. Across the galaxy, Punk Taco and his band of misfits befriend a refugee and vow to reunite their new friend with his loved ones. With a mysterious alien race, they join forces to battle the mad-king and spread peace, love and unity across the cosmos. Action, adventure and humor abound in this tale of kindness and understanding conceived and written by Adam Wallenta and his five-year-old son, Makana..