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Portable Frank Soft Cover New Printing

(W/A/CA) Jim Woodring. A VISIONARY WORK OF COMIC ART, FOR ALL-AGES Readers who havent discovered Jim Woodrings Frank stories have a colossal treat waiting for them in this all-ages gem collecting the characters greatest adventures. Frank is a unique, visionary comic, exquisitely drawn and so fully realized that adults and children alike find themselves drawn deeply into Woodrings hallucinatory mindscape. The stories, almost entirely wordless, are told with brilliant, candy colors that people of all ages find alluring. The stories themselves unravel like a good puzzle, rewarding re-reading, providing an experience as immersive as that first love affair, that first samadhi, or that first breath. Simply put, the world of Frank must be experienced to be understood.Frank is an 11-year-old generic anthropomorph who lives in a force-laden landscape called the Unifactor. He is curious but not smart, nave but not noble, and his most outstanding character trait is his ineducability. Along with Pupshaw, Franks semi-subservient housedog-like godling, the two traipse across their surreal landscape, occasionally encountering Manhog, the bloated bladder of sin with a heart of radiance who exists to thwart their prosperity. And then theres the platonic Jerry Chickens, and the lachrymose Lucky, as well as Franks Real Pa and Faux Pa, each a part of one of the great cartoon achievements of the 20th century.For all its mystery, the world of Frank is a simple, delightful, mesmerizing example of world-building at its most fanciful, surely to delight parents and children alike. .