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Gory Books Volume 1 Night of The Living Dead Cover B Crawford

Introducing Gory Books, a series of children's book-style adaptations of iconic horror properties. Your fiendish friends at 215 Ink, Witter Entertainment, and Broke Horror Fan explore the foundations of fright through poetic prose and intriguing illustrations inspired by the children's classics of yesteryear. In this children's book-style take on George A. Romero's classic horror film, a group of strangers barricade themselves in an old farmhouse to ward off an encroaching plague of flesh-eating zombies. Featuring charming illustrations by Will Perkins and hypnotizing prose by Mike D. Perkins, Night of the Living Dead is the debut installment in the Gory Books series..

Publisher : 215 Ink
Genre : Horror
Category : Graphic Novels
Artist : Will Perkins
Writer : Mike Perkins