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Caveboy Dave Young Reader Graphic Novel Volume 2 Not So Faboo

Twelve-year-old Dave Unga-Bunga is having a great year: he survived his deadly Baby-Go-Boom ceremony, he's earned the respect of the villagers of Bleccchh, and he just invented ice cream and summer vacation. Before the ice cream melts, Dave and his friends spot a plume of smoke on the horizon (could there be others nearby?) and suddenly Shaman Faboo - the glue that holds the community together - goes missing. With no one to tell them what to do or how to think, the village panics and elects Dave as their new leader. If Dave can't find Shaman Faboo and bring him back, he'll be doomed to a life of boredom and something much worse: public service!.

Publisher : Viking Books For Young Readers
Genre : Humor
Category : Graphic Novels
Artist : Phil McAndrew
Writer : Aaron Reynolds