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Brickjournal #52

BrickJournal, the magazine for LEGO enthusiasts, looks into LEGO sculpture around the world! We'll be talking to Russian superstar builder Timofey Tkachev about his incredible creations that are taking the fan building community by storm! Also, we'll show what it takes to become a LEGO Certified Professional (an elite group of builders officially recognized by LEGO), with features on what Sean Kenney (hailing from New York) and Ryan McNaught (from Melbourne, Australia) are building! Plus: AFOLs ('Adult Fans of LEGO') by cartoonist Greg Hyland, step-by step 'You Can Build It' instructions by Christopher Deck, BrickNerd's DIY Fan Art, Minifigure Customization with Jared K. Burks, MINDSTORMS robotics lessons by Damien Kee, and more!.