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Army of Darkness Furious Road #2 Cover A Hardman

(W) Nancy A. Collins (A) Kewber Baal (CA) Gabriel Hardman. Twenty years from now, the world has fallen to the Deadite invasion. The remains of civilization is holed up in what was once the city of Lansing, Michigan now renamed simply Alive. It is up to the Chosen One, the Keeper of the dread Necronomicon Ex Mortis, a.k.a. Ashley Ash Williams, and a rag-tag group of humans and monsters including the Daughter of Dracula, Frankensteins Monster, and the witch Heckuba to save humanity and send the Deadites back to Hell. But to do that, they must first battle their way past Ashs evil twin, The General, and his demonic Army of Darkness with the help of a werewolf biker gang, Dracula and his Brides, and Ashs custom Murder-Mobile..