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Arkhive 400+ Xenoskin Monocolor Black

Our Arkhive 400+ deck case has proven an excellent choice for storing and carrying large numbers of cards and/or multiple cases. Pair it with our Boulders and Deck Cases; store more than 175 Toploaders; or give your cube the home it deserves. Show your colors from the inside to the outside with our vibrant and elegant monocolor design. Optimized to hold 450+ double-sleeved or 500+ single-sleeved cards, or 850+ unsleeved cards in standard size, the Arkhive is never going to let you down.* Some examples of what this amazing box can hold: 4x Boulder 100+, or 5x Boulder 80, or 6x Boulder 60, or 8x Boulder 40+ 5x Deck Case 80+, or 3x Deck Case 100+ plus extra storage space 450+ double-sleeved cards or 500+ single-sleeved cards, or 850+ unsleeved cards* 175+ Top-Loaders " 3x Flip Deck Case 80+, incl. 1x Boulder 80+, or 1x Deck Case 80+ ★ Designed for 450 double sleeved cards or 500 single sleeved cards in Ultimate Guard sleeves ★ Monochromatic coloring with Microfiber inner lining ★ Easy access ★ Strong magnetic closure ★ An outer resistant Xenoskin material ★ Great for Cubing.