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Animal Castle #2 Cover D 20 Copy Delep Azelar Rat Virgin Incentive (Mature)

On the Farm all animals were equal. In the Castle some are more equal than others. After witnessing the deaths of animals she knew as friends for seemingly nothing, Miss B. becomes a conflicted cat. Things are further complicated when questions are raised about the state of the farm, bringing down severe retaliation by Presi-dent Silvio's hounds. Miss B. has to ask herself what's worse: doing something that could cost a life or do nothing at all? For fans of the bestselling Stray Dogs and the Eisner Award winning Beasts of Burden comes an animal fable at once familiar and surprising! You may think you know the story but set aside your assumptions, this animal uprising is unlike any you have read!.

Brand : Animal Castle
Publisher : Ablaze
Genre : Fantasy
Category : Comics
Artist : Felix Delep
Writer : Xavier Dorison