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Alter Ego #77

TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING Learn the Comic Book Gospel According to St. John, behind a fabulous Golden Age Tor cover by Joe Kubert! Inside, Ken Quattro relates the full legend of St. John Publishing and the man behind it, Archer St. John - with art by Kubert, Norman Maurer, Matt Baker, Lily Renee, Bob Lubbers, Ruben Moreira, Ralph Mayo, Al Fago, Enrico Bagnoli - and the very special reminiscences of Arnold Drake! Plus, Jim Amash interviews Golden Age artist Tom Sawyer. There's also other features on the Golden and Silver Ages of Comics, including P.C. Hamerlinck's FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) section with Marc Swayze, C.C. Beck, and others, Michael T. Gilbert and Mr. Monster's Comic Crypt, and more! .