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2000 AD Pack September 2019 #110

Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! Future lawman Judge Dredd seeks inside help to nail a criminal in 'The Fall of Barbarara Grimm'; Jaegir's comrades seek to free her from the Southers' clutches in 'Valkyrie'; hitmen Sinister Dexter have to bodyguard an artificial intelligence in 'Narrow Minded'; and realities collide in Indigo Prime: 'The Fall of the House of Vista'! Then in the bumper Prog 2150, a stunning new line-up of stories start - an ideal jumping-on point for new readers! Dredd has a special overseas mission to undertake in 'Guatamala'; cop Bridget Kurtis returns and is investigating gang crimes in the fourth book of SF smash Brink, 'Hate Box'; we return to the world of the Dark Judges in The Fall of Deadworld: Doomed, with war about to break out; private investigator Mallory Hope is back, confronting the demons in 1940s L.A. in Hope… Under Fire by Guy Adams and Jimmy Broxton; and seventeenth-century zombie hunter Defoe heads for the moon as an ancient evil awakens in 'The Divisor' by Pat Mills and Stewart Kenneth Moore!.