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Dragon Ball Super TCG Vicious Rejuvenation Booster Box Set 12 (24)

Unison Warrior Series Set 3 (DBS-B12) The “rejuvenated” enemy force strikes back! Mechikabura from the Dark Empire and many more iconic characters come back “rejuvenated”! With the gathering of all seven shadow dragons, Omega Shenron finally makes its appearance! When they come back, they come back stronger… Characters that have “rejuvenated” join the game along with the new skill “Rejuvenation” bringing the battle to a next level! UW3 will introduce more characters from the Dragon Ball universe! Starting from the main characters of the Unison Warrior Series, the Shadow Dragons, Nuova, Rage and Oceanus Shenron make their first appearance! Combining cards from UW1-3, all the pieces you need for the mighty Shadow Dragon deck are ready! Cards from previous sets will be needed to so sales will continues to flow. Finally, the long waited Turles and Turles:Xeno joins the battle! Each Vicious Rejuvenation Booster Box includes one Revival Pack! Each Revival Pack contains a Reboot Leader Card, Extra Card, or Reprint! 6 types in all! Rarity: • Common: 60 (normal / holo version) • Uncommon: 38 (normal / holo version) • Rare: 30 (normal / holo version) • Super Rare: 23 • Special Rare: 10 • Secret Rare: 3 Specifications: • Total cards in set: 292 • Packs per Box: 24 plus 1 Revival Pack • Cards per Pack: 12.