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Alter Ego #79

Alter Ego shines a spotlight on Superman and his Creators! Behind a fabulous new cover by Michael Golden, expect a Kandor-size bottleful of features on the first and greatest super-hero ever! From an exclusive and revealing interview with Joe Shuster's sister, Jean Shuster Peavey to Mike W. Barr on Superman the detective, Dwight Decker on the Man of Steel and Hitler's Third Reich, and the Nembo Kid (that's Italian for "Superman," to you)! Look for art by Shuster, Boring, Swan, Adams, and Kane! There's also more on the Golden and Silver Ages of Comics, including P.C. Hamerlinck's FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) section with Marc Swayze, C.C. Beck, and others, Michael T. Gilbert and Mr. Monster's Comic Crypt, and more! .