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Amazing Batvark One Shot

Don't you ever get tired of obviously contrived cover 'come ons' like 'Batvark No More!'? Like we would actually allow our #1 (sad to say) intellectual property to just quit being who he is? Of course you don't! That's the driving force behind the modern comic-book field! Contrived and completely unsustainable headline-grabbing reboots and reinventions. So what's new about this one? The giant symbolic Batvark and the tiny little former Batvark on the cover actually appear that way in the comic book! That's what! They argue with each other, embark on an EASY RIDER-style Bromance odyssey across the infernal realms and everything! Short of making one of them gay, you can't get any more 21st-century crowd-pleasing than that! (Note: the entire print run will be numbered and randomly distributed throughout Diamond's distribution!).