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You can download the app for Android from Google play button


You can download the app for Iphone from iTunes


    The ComicHub App is the customer interface to the ComicHub network. It is designed to help you and your Local Comic Store (LSC) manage your comic and pop culture collection by allowing you to place advance orders for items, view your current subscriptions as well as view your purchase history all from your phone. To use the App, you will need to synchronize your device with a LCS that has ComicHub POS. Once synchronized you can browse upcoming products by either writer, artist, brand, genre, publisher, new titles as well as variants or any combination of this list. Your LSC will alert you when your orders have arrived and update the App when purchases are made to allow effortless management of your collection. The ComicHub App also lets you track publisher cross over events with ease. The ComicHub App also works offline, allowing you to fill gaps at conventions or other stores. You can find the ComicHub App in the Google Play Store or on the Apple App store. The ComicHub App is free and you install the App as you would any other. Once downloaded, start the App. You will need to set up your device before you can start ordering. During setup you will be asked for an email address and this should be the same one that your LSC has on file for you in their version of ComicHub POS. A request to synchronize your device will be sent to your LCS. Once your LCS accepts your request, your subscription and purchase history will be sent to your device. (If you are unsure of the email address that your LCS has on their files please contact them direct.) As the ComicHub App allows you to place orders with your LCS, it is password protected. (When entering a password, be aware that this is not a password that your LCS can restore for you.) You will be required to enter the password twice for verification. Once you have created a login, select the store on the ComicHub network that you want to place your orders with. The nearest store to your location will be displayed on the map. Zoom out to choose another. A request to synchronize your device will then be sent to the store you have chosen. Once the manager has synchronized your device with your store account, your history will be forwarded. Synchronizing with your LCS is a manual task, though it should not take more than 24 hours, depending on your LCS’s operating hours. Synchronizing should be done over a Wi-Fi connection.